We at Gamma warmly welcome our existing and prospective wholesale customers and partners! If you are looking for a wholesale supply of the highest quality embroidery kits, then PANNA is your choice. With more than 1500 kits in range, a number of embroidery techniques to choose from and various difficulty levels you can find something for every one of your customers. PANNA kits gained the highest reputation in Russia and one can find our kits in nearly every Russian craft shop. Nowadays, you can also buy our kits in Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Britain, China, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Chile and Australia. For your young customers, we can offer craft kits from Peppy and Woolla range. These kits are quick and easy to do and the result is always stunning! For those who are fond of sewing, we offer Miadolla toy-making kits. All our kits include all necessary materials, multilingual step-by-step instructions and attractive packaging. For more information and our wholesale prices, fill in and submit the form below.

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