«Gamma» is a leading holding company in production, wholesale and retail of sewing accessories, handicrafts and art supplies in the Russian market. The company was established in 1993 and now it has wholesale branches in four major Russian cities: St-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. «Gamma» also possesses two retail chains: «Leonardo Hobby Hypermarket» with its craft products and «Igolochka» with its sewing accessories. The company cooperates with 50 dealers who distribute more than 20 000 items of sewing accessories and handicraft goods.

In 2004 «Gamma» launched its own production of «PANNA»® embroidery kits and in 2008 gained the exclusive right to distribute «Klart»® embroidery kits.

Now «Gamma» is an owner of such trademarks as «Gamma» (different sewing accessories), «PANNA» (embroidery kits), «Miadolla» (sewing kits), «Peppy» (patchwork kits), «Woolla» (felting kits and kits for making pictures in Painting with wool technique), «Micron» (sewing machines), «Mr. Painter» (scrapbooking), «Alpina», «Adelia» (knitting yarn), «Love2art», «Vista-Artista» (goods for artist), «Zlatka» (beads) and an exclusive distributor of «Organ»® (needles for sewing machines), «TOHO»® (beads), «Konig» (scissors), etc.

«Gamma» cooperates only with direct manufacturers such as «Swarowski» (rhinestones), «Preciosa» (beads), «Verachtert» («Vervaco») (embroidery kits), «C.KREUL» (goods for artist), «Groz-Beckert» (needles for sewing machines), «To-Do» (polymer clay), «Pebeo», «Fabriano» (goods for artist), «Janlynn» (embroidery kits), «E.E. Schenck», «Robert Kaufman», «Red Rooster Fabrics», «P&B TEXTILES», «SPX Fabrics» (fabrics).

«Gamma» would be interested in establishing a partnership with wholesalers of handicraft goods and retail chains. We also welcome new suppliers because we are looking for new products. If you are a supplier, please place your offer on this page.